Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Shit's gettin real...

opakele noted in her latest entry that you can practically hear the doors closing one after another around here. There are fewer people at the gym every morning and fewer still in the pool. One of the guys who is always there with me waiting for the doors to open works downtown. He's still going into the office every day but says now, with so little traffic, and now, no school buses, it's easy peasy to get there and home.

I got nowhere to go and I'm grateful for that. I have a freezer full of food and a DoorDash app that I'm not afraid to use. I have tons of entertainment right here. And that's not even counting these two hilarious cats.

Biggie was giving his banana some extra love this morning and when he finally did walk away, I looked and saw that he'd sculpted it into a yellow Flipper! Thank you, xina_gee, for such a fun toy. Also glad you sent two because it looks like this one is getting ready to spill its guts.


Another upside is that the sports bar across the street announced on Instagram that they were looking into pick up and order by text. They have the best burgers in town but it's a really loud, uninviting sports bar. Ordering for take out is always a problem because it's too loud for them to hear you when you call and going over there to order and wait is earfully painful. So... Text ordering for pickup would be heaven.

The pizza I ordered last night, by the way, was a 100% fail. It was cold and soggy. Oh well, cross that place off my list.

Both cats are in another room. I just heard them arguing. I'm afraid to go look.

Next to my bed, I have a shelf that has some of those fabric boxes on it. Last night Biggie pulled down one full of socks before I sent to sleep. This morning I woke up to socks all over the bedroom floor, the box collapsed on one side of the bed and box bottom on the other side. They were busy. They just ranin here at top speed.

You know, Biggie and The Smalls should do a podcast about what it's like to have your human at home all day. Lots of dogs and cats around here are experiencing that for the first time. They could chat about it, offer tips, take call ins and email questions.

I think I'll go get dressed and then go sew.
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