Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

We're closed. See ya later.

So, the governor did, indeed, shut down all events of 250 people or more. Then, this afternoon, the schools started closing. The Seattle schools will be closed for a minimum of two weeks. Other districts are following suit.

It's nuts out there.

And, of course, the opening of baseball season is canceled - well, more likely, moved to another location or played with no audience. I got a short and crystal clear email from the team saying my ticket price will be refunded... either money into my Mariners account for different tickets this year or next or money back to my credit card. And I'll be able to see that money - at least for the first ticket - in my account next week. Can't get much more fair than that.

My brother got with the program this morning and we got all organized. He walked himself through the process of what happens if I land in the hospital and he comes out here to pick up the pieces. We set up everything from passwords to bank accounts to keys and building entry.

Honestly, I was surprised as how complicated it turned out to be. I thought we had kind of done most if not all of it and were in good shape as far as his being able to step in and take over. Turns out I was wrong. But we're cool now. I'm so amazingly grateful that he's so good at even thinking about stuff like that much less willing to actually do it.

And now, since everything is done and fixed and handled and planned, it's like insurance for me. Taking an umbrella with you when you think it's going to rain is the best way to prevent rain. Having all the ducks lined up for an emergency is the best way to ensure you will not need any of it.

I took a walk, this afternoon, up to the fabric shop. Thot maybe they could use a little business. They were appreciative. All in all a nice outing. But, yeah, two more pieces for the fabric stash. Did not need that!

My favorite pizza place just joined Door Dash!! Guess what's for dinner?

I just looked over and both cats are in that one cat bed that is barely big enough for Biggie alone. The Smalls was in there and Biggie just stuffed himself in. They are both snoring. I love those guys!

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