Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Should I stay or should I go?

I have my annual checkup with my doctor schedule for next week. I wrote him this morning asking if I should wait a month or two. I'll be interested to see what he says. It will be my personal barometer.

News outlets here say the Governor is going to cancel all events with more than 250 people in a press conference today. It's beginning to look like the baseball season may honestly be in jeopardy. (Also soccer, XFL footbal, concerts, etc, but baseball is what affects me directly.)

The pool continues to be not crowded. Today there were 3 of us for most of the hour and then three more came in but they were all regulars. The gym itself and the parking lot and the road home all have far less participation than usual. Someone posted a photo of one of our major thru town highways last night at 6 pm. Normally it would be bumper to bumper backed up. The photo looked like it was taken at 8 am on a Saturday. Wild.

But, here on the ranch, things are same old same old. The Smalls is sitting on my arms as I type this. He has now decided that the only food he will eat is Wellness Turkey Minced. Biggie doesn't care. He has about 3 bites of whatever wet food The Smalls hasn't eaten yet and he's fine with it. I'd be happy if The Smalls wants one food only. That would save me money, time and wasted food so I hope this lasts.

Yesterday I cut my hair again. This time I did such a horrible job that it looks intentional. I can hear the casual observer 'She should sue her hair dresser.' But, I do not care. And, at daphnep's suggestion, I left a huge tip. We need to take care of those who service us.

This morning's plans include assembling the shirt I cut out yesterday. And, really, that's about it. I have two organizational projects on my todo list. One small and one big. I'm not actually motivated to do either. So I'll probably knit and watch TV. Because I can.

Oh just heard from the doctor. He says they are sending everyone with virus systems to a different location. That place must be a joy to enter. He says cancel if I want but he's sure it will be fine for me to come in. So I'll go get it over with. Next week.

But now I think I'll go get dressed, empty litter boxes, and go sew.
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