Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The report

My trip to Costco was interesting. I got there right at 10. There is enough parking that it is never full. Half of it is pretty far from the front door - that's where I park in an effort to make my Fitbit happy. Today the closer lot was mostly full and my far away lot was filling.

There was a long line at the front door of people waiting to get their carts wiped down. I skirted around them and bypassed the wiping. Once inside it wasn't too bad except everyone was zipping around like it was that supermarket race show. It was pretty funny. None of the usual, hmmm let's look at this... it was all zip, zip, zip! I do love that the sample stations are gone. I do not miss the bottlenecks, the busking or the smells.

I did notice that there were a whole lot of Costco workers on duty. Like one in every aisle or more. And they were offering to help. A really old man was trying to set some Kleenex right in front of me and then muttered that it was the wrong kind. And from behind a Costco guy stepped in and kindly asked him what kind he wanted. Workers were all over helping people find stuff. It was wonderful.

Also the zip zip zip people were very kind and not running into each other. It was also weird and wonderful.

There was a bit of a line in the toilet paper aisle but clearly there was plenty so people were cool. I used the self checkout and there were two people there to help and they were both really kind and fast and nice. It was just a weird experience.

Everyone wanted hand sanitizer and there was none. There isn't any in town so just deal, people.

I came home and got everything unpacked and put away and cut up and frozen and all the trash down to the dumpster. And then I cut the pieces for a new shirt out of another sheet. I'm on a roll.

I'm now watching baseball and waiting for Amazon to deliver.

Oh my investment guy called ... He's so cute. I told him he needs to be calling his clients who are freaked out, not wasting his time with me. He knows I'm chill. He did say he expected things to get worse in the stock market before they get better but, of course, they will get better. He, thankfully, has my money spread around pretty evenly. I told him to cheer up and call me back if he needed cheering up or if he needs toilet paper. I'm now stocked up and will cut him a deal if he needs it.

The birthday boys:

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