Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Celebrating with crazy

Biggie and The Smalls were born one year ago today. Biggie is celebrating by being crazy. He followed me into the bathroom and then proceeded to spend a good 5 minutes in the bathtub chasing his tail. The next thing I know, he's here in the living room making sweet kitty love to the banana toy. Right this minute, he's nowhere to be seen or heard and I'm pretty worried about that.

The Smalls is clearly feeling better. He was standing by his food bowl crying so I fed him. Turkey morsels (small pieces in gravy). He turned up his nose. An hour later, he's still whining and starving and the pieces aren't touched. So I opened up some turkey minced (smaller pieces in gravy) and he scarfed up the whole can. Spoiled brat.

Now he's resting on my arms while I type this.

These two are quite the pair.

My tax return came in from the CPA. His bill is about 35% higher than previous years but, hey, he earned it for sure. I need to sign and return and then I'm done til next year. What a treat that is.

Today is Costco day. My plan is to get there at 10 when they open and pack my patience and hope they have toilet paper. We'll see. Then I have a new shirt I want to get started on and a baseball game this afternoon. Just busy busy.

But first I need to go find what disaster Biggie is quietly creating.
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