Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wanna see past the webcams??

I did it. I made a video of each room. They are hollywood quality I assure you. Also I went to great lengths to make a fancy web page. Sorry I could not afford pop ups and videos that autoplay and entreaties to join my newsletter.

Enjoy. Questions? Ask em.

If you are a conscientious seamstress, you take copious notes, make intricate pattern changes as needed, and carefully document all your projects. If you are me, you fully intend to do all of that and rarely even do any of it. But, I'm so delighted with this camp shirt that I did all of it. Here's the former bed sheet.


I made lots of changes to the pattern as I worked on it. I made the shoulders way more narrow and the length way shorter and added pockets among other things. Once finished, I still needed the shoulders a half in more narrow and I think slits along the sides would e perfect.

So I immediately got out the pattern and made those changes in the pattern itself. And now, next time I want one, I don't have to guess or try to remember or try to recreate from the shirt. Then I printed out the photograph and made notes on all my changes in my new, upgraded sewing notebook where everything will be documented from here on out.

I made a top last year that is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I combined a couple of patterns and did some other tweaking and did not note which patterns or which tweaks and now I can't recreate it. Not going to happen again!

I have one other great top pattern for woven fabric but it's not a button down. This pattern will be great for layering. And, now that I have it sized exactly for me, it will be simple to make over and over again.

My next door neighbor called. He's the guy who owns the unit next door but lives in Arizona. He's doing a remake of the place now. He calls every now and again just to check in. Today's call was to mainly bitch about the building manager. I was totally on board with that activity. He also said he wasn't sure if he was going to rent it out again or just hang on to it as a second home. He did say that if he did rent it out again it would be NO Pets. Apparently the dogs who belong to his last tenants did a real number on the place.

Time to knit.
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