Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm a lover of leftovers

I love left over yarn and left over fabric but, of course, most of all left over food.

This morning, for breakfast, I had the second half of yesterday's omelette with the potatoes left over from yesterday's breakfast - the ones still remaining from dinner last night. I swear, both the omelette and the potatoes were tastier than the first rounds.

Yesterday I cut out a new shirt from a used sheet I bought at Goodwill a while back. I'll bet it made a cozy bed sheet. It's going to make a great shirt.

Not at all left over is Brandy Clark. She is a singer/song writer who wrote my favorite story song ever - Stripes. And now she has a new album out that has some wonderful songs on it. Also she is just flat gorgeous.

I spent some time yesterday thinking about the impact it would have on my life if quarantine things got drastic around here. And then I arranged for my first Virus Panic purchase.

Fortunately we live in a city/time when you can get nearly anything delivered. But, the one thing I cannot get delivered easily or quickly is drugs. I could switch my prescriptions to mail order but major PIA. I have inhalers on hand or soon to be on hand for 2.5 months worth of breathing. The other prescription I do not ever want to run out of and particularly now is my cough pills (benzonatate). I actually have plenty but I requested a refill anyway.

This means a trip to Costco. Which is fine. I need bacon and butter (they are the only ones that have the sticks of butter that spreads in winter around here) and, really, toilet paper. Their sale flyer prices start Wednesday which means I need to get in there before then. I'm thinking I'll give them Monday to restock shelves from this weekend and go Tuesday morning.

I'm not freaked about this virus. If I get it, I'll likely die but I'm old and I've had a great life and if not this then something else. I am freaked by the freakedoutedness that is causing rational people to spread clearly irrational and inaccurate information as if it is true. Yes, we all need to wash our hands, but that should not cause brain death. Maybe it does.

Ok soap box stashed away.

Today will be sewing and laundry and changing the time on two clocks - my car clock, she says with a great deal of satisfaction, is now accurate once again.

Also I'm hoping to finish up my condo video project. I made 4 videos yesterday and started the web page to house them. It won't take much to finish that up.

I've already lost an hour today, I'd better get going before the day is gone!
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