Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done, done and done... and it's not yet 11 am!

The cats and I compromised on my sleeping in this morning. I think we each got a little of what we wanted and a little of what we didn't. Fair. I got up and had coffee and internetted and cleaned out litter boxes and headed out the door.

My goal was Endolyne Joe's for Croque Madame. This is the restaurant that changes themes/menus every quarter. They had the best Croque Madame for their Montreal theme. Had turns out to be the operative tense here. I thought we were good til the end of March. I was wrong. The new theme is Northern Mexico and no more Croque Madame. Oh well.

Part of my mission was to support a local restaurant. Word on the street is that people are staying home and restaurants are suffering. Endolyne Joe's (and the bakery/coffee shop next door which was packed) has not gotten the memo. But, I did get a seat and I ordered the omelette of theirs that I love. Sausage and apple and mozzarella cheese deliciously spiced with their heavenly potatoes.

letmesaythis wants food pix and I remembered.


My waitress was not interested in serving me and the plate arrived looking good but feeling cold. She did stop by and ask how everything was and I noted that everything was cold. "your eggs are cold" No, everything on the plate was cold. She offered to fix the problem but I declined. I ate enough to fill and I knew, from experience, that it would be great reheated tomorrow morning so I brought it home. She took it off my bill without my asking but also without any grace. She put the credit card slip for me to sign just far enough on the table so that I could not reach it without standing up. Bitch.

Oh well, I don't have to go back there any time soon - the Northern Mexico theme just didn't do it for me.

On to Mud Bay for cat food. That cheered me up. The people there are always so nice and fun. Stocked up for the week and went on to the fancy grocery store. My aim was to score a couple of quiche tarts. There's are always so delicious. They didn't have any. But I scored some other goodies so it was fine.

Now I'm home and have no reason to go out anywhere again until Monday morning.

One very excellent thing is my new cart. I have a wonderful cart that I love and use for taking trash down and other stuff up but it's too fat and it doesn't do steps. A couple of weeks ago, I got a second one - a different kind.

To get home from my car's parking space, I go up a set of stairs and then squeeze between a post and a railing and then across the upstairs lot to the elevator. That squeeze is the problem. If the people who park in the space next to the squeeze are not home then yeah! But, mostly they are. But, my new cart makes it through. It's tight but it works.


Also those wheels do great climbing the stairs. And it holds a ton o' shit. I leave it in the car or in the parking space mostly and keep the other cart up here.

And old lady and her old lady carts. That's me!

Now I need to unpack that cart and go sew the sleeves on my new top.
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