Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The end... of the week

For the past two mornings, when I left the pool it was nearly daylight. I do not like that. Happily Daylight Savings Time will knock that shit back to dark like it's supposed to be by Monday. When I go out and swim and comeback and it's still night, I feel like I've got bonus hours. If I come back in daylight, I feel like I've missed part of the day. Yeah, I know. Twisted. But, that's the way it is.

Concern over the virus has shuttered our computer museum. They host kids and classes every day. It's a hands on environment. I can see where they really had not choice. Until further notice. There's a wonderful man sized working robot in the front window. I'm guessing he's going to be one, sad lonely dude.

And just now the University of Washington announced all classes moving online starting Monday.

msconduct commented about my baseball tickets... The first one is March 29. I have every confidence that if they make it not possible for me to attend that game or any other, they will refund my money. But, if they don't prevent me, I'll be there. I just saw on Twitter that the Athletics are going to start, today, having players sign baseballs in the clubhouse and then get them to take them out to the field to toss out to fans. This is instead of the fans rushing them with baseballs and pens. I think the tossing out to fans is a much better way to go anyway. It will be interesting to see what other concessions are made.

Today's plans include sewing and pattern prep for more sewing plus I got a great idea for a new top while I was swimming this morning so more sewing. And knitting. And probably a trip down to the dumpster. Otherwise, not going anywhere. Tomorrow I plan to go out for breakfast and then get cat food and maybe grocery shop - living on the edge.
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