Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The day I actually did stuff

I found a pattern I wanted to try again. The first time was a fail but I think I can make it better. I selected fabric from the stash and cut out the pieces and threaded the serger and had lunch.

Then I took all the Goodwill fabric from yesterday out of the dryer and folded it and put it with the other stash. I have so many pretty fabrics that are not knits. Most of my GoTo patterns are for knits. They are just more comfortable to wear. But these woven fabrics are so pretty.

So then I thought long and hard about fun things to make with woven fabrics... camp shirt! (aka bowling aka Hawaiian...). I found a great pattern and went to print it out the PDF pages and my printer had a stroke. It turns out it was not really a stroke. Why can't error codes at least give clues to what the error is? That seems to intuitive to me and yet so rarely happens.

After much (about an hour's worth) trial, error, poking, paper swapping, I finally convinced it to print out the pages and then I was able to piece together the paper pattern. Just as I got the last piece taped down, the ballgame ended.

So I left the tweaking until tomorrow. Then I will make the shoulders more narrow and the bottom more wide - to accommodate my perfect pear shape.

AND I made 6 breakfast burritos. And then cleaned up the kitchen.

Today I did shit. Let it be known.

Biggie and The Smalls tried to help in all of these endeavors, of course, but actually, they weren't too bad. They have matured... just a little. They are now resting up for their adventure and I'm going to watch some TV and knit.

IMG_20200305_155220 IMG_20200305_154915
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