Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Biggie: Everything is MINE!!!!

If curiosity killed the cat, Biggie is a dead duck. I just opened a drawer and before I could reach my hand in, he was there with his paw. If anything drops, he's on it like white on rice. The Smalls cannot even wag his tale but Biggie's all over it 'hey, a black, furry Stickie!!!'. He rarely misses an opportunity to hop up on the seat and watch the toilet flush. He pretty much cracks me up constantly.

Today he gets to help the house cleaner. I think they are both looking forward to it.

The Smalls? He's just happy if his meal isn't chicken. That's because I have about 10 of the 5.5 oz cans of chicken. At least his biting is under control - he now just puts his teeth on my skin but ONLY if there is no food in his bowl or what is there is chicken. I gotta say that I admire the purpose.

While the house cleaner is here, I'll be making a shopping trip to Goodwill. I don't really have anything on my list but it's been a while since I've been there and it is Senior Discount Day. I also need gas. I might just head over to Costco and get gas and check on the mayhem. Maybe it's died down. I can at least get some steps in.

The SpamBots now have my number. I've been getting about 4 or 5 spam texts every day. It's not nearly as annoying as spam email which Google now has pretty much eliminated for me since I use Gmail. But, I do wonder how/why now after all this time, I'm suddenly on the top of the Spam Text list.

The latest of the virus mania around here is the county telling people not to lick their mail in ballot envelopes. They sent out the ballots a couple of weeks ago for the election next Tuesday. Now they are saying don't lick the envelope to seal it. I'm sure things will get more ridiculous but so far this is the top of my list.

Next week they will probably come out and say unsealed ballots won't be counted.

I voted for Mayor Pete.

Usually The Smalls just curls up in this bed around any toys in there. Today he took all the toys out. I'm guessing he will not be putting them back when he is done.

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