Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I track my net worth - how much I own against how much I owe - daily. I don't really ever stress over it, it's just kind of a habit that I developed a while back. Dovetails nicely into my love of spreadsheets. Anyway... between the first of the month paychecks and the rebound of the stock market, my net worth perked up considerably this morning. Nice.

I wish Bravo or PBS or somebody would do a curated James Lipton marathon. I watched years and years of Inside the Actors Studio and even so saw several clips and highlights I'd never seen before with the various news outlets reporting his death. Even with all of the channels that I never watch but get, I don't get Ovation which has all of the backlog. Oh well. We were lucky to have him for so long.

No baseball today. I'm 2/3rds of the way through What To Do When Someone Dies on Acorn TV. It's totally captivating. I'll watch that final episode today.

This virus continues to bring out the stupid in so many. It's just amazing how whipped into a thoughtless (as in totally brainless) frenzy so many can get into so quickly. And the whiners? OMG. 100,000 people are expected downtown this weekend for a comicon. There is no end to the controversy that is causing.

Me? I'd like to whine about the cut on my thumb. I got it caught in a shopping cart and it ripped some skin off and it's like having a thumb full of paper cuts. But, does anyone care? Fuck no. They are all about this stupid virus.

I cannot think of any reason to go anywhere today which is fine by me. I do need to gather up my weekly donation to Goodwill and have that ready for tomorrow. Otherwise there will be knitting and TV and entertaining cats. As usual.

Right now the cats are off somewhere - probably on the bed. The Smalls has been doing so well lately. I'm sure it won't last but it's such a relief not to have the worry for now. It's been nearly a month since we've been to the vet!

This is the bulb in a jar I got at Trader Joe's the other day.

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