Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Virus here, virus there, virus everywhere or at least the fear of it...

Here at ground zero in the Pacific Northwest, people have lost their goddamn minds. The killer of it is that I really am running low on paper towels and toilet paper but NFW am I going to go buy more of either. I'll make do rather than even appear to be like those shelf clearing alarmists. The reality is that I do have enough to get by for a few weeks so while I would stock up now, I just won't.

They are closing schools and today even one of the local tech companies (F5) closed its office tower for today. It's nuts. Just nuts.

Here at SDHQ, we're business as usual. The Smalls is driving me nuts and it's so much better than when he's not. Biggie is still eating wet food again which is still weird. Next week we will celebrate the 1st anniversary of their birthday. I wonder if there were more in their litter. If so, I hope they are having a happy birthday.

I've decided to start the sweater I've been knitting over. I want it loser so bigger needles. Also bigger neck. I do love the yarn and the pattern and it's enjoyable to knit so I don't mind redoing.

Not much going on this week. Just the usual stuff. The data people from the University of Washington are coming by tomorrow. This is an ongoing look they are doing on how data is collected and how it might be used in creative ways. They look at the data I collect from Alexa and Google Home and Wyze sensors and work with different ideas on the use of it. I don't even come close to understanding what they are doing but they are really nice and fun and interesting and grateful for my participation so why the heck not.

The housecleaner comes Wednesday and not a minute too soon. I had to get out the vacuum cleaner this weekend. horrors.

There will be baseball watching and aforementioned knitting and NO shopping for toilet paper or paper towels.
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