Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

xina_gee Thank you so much - sez Biggie!

We're going bananas here!! I went downstairs to pick up an Amazon package and there were two! What in the heck did I order and totally forget about??? I must be going bananas. YES and NO... xina_gee sent us bananas!!

Cracked me up. Biggie has such a weird thing about bananas. I never thought about getting him a faux one. And here we have two - loaded up with catnip! Biggie landed on it with four paws and promptly wrestled it into submission. I left one in the bag to save for later. This is a great cat toy. He can really get his claws into it and also good for chewing. Even The Smalls, not a cat for toys, showed interest.

Thank you so much xina_gee. That was a great, fun surprise.
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