Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

This and that and cats, of course

Just as the United States (and, particularly the northwest) gets itself all whipped up in a virus frenzy, it was delightful, this morning to read amw's report that things there in her piece of China were calming down a bit.


My Mom's nose ran constantly and I think I've inherited that very annoying trait from her. I've been taking an allergy pill every day for the past few months. But, it seems to be doing nothing. So a couple of days ago, I stopped. Yesterday, I blew my nose all damn day long. Today, so far, it's biz as usual - some blowing but not terrible. It's not fatal. It's just annoying and cost me a whole lotta tissue. After a few weeks of no pills, I might try nasal spray for a while and see if that helps. The lung nurse practitioner said she has some runny nose tricks up her sleeve so that's an option, too.


I often use a browser extension called Keepa. It's one of several that tracks pricing at Amazon. It shows me the price fluctuation of whatever I'm looking at over the past few months. Mostly it's just interesting. Occasionally I'll buy because the price is at the lowest or hold off because it was way cheaper and could be again. It also let's me name a price and sends me an email when it gets to my price. There's a crochet pattern I want that will be in the next 10 issues of Simply Crochet. Simply Crochet is a magazine from the UK. It costs $65 a year to get it digitally over here (way more to get it in paper form which I don't want anyway). But, Keepa told me that periodically they cut the price in half. So I set up a 'send me a note when they do' And today I got the note. I just got my subscription for $35! Score!!


The cats are changing it up today.

First, they both got on the cat tree which does not happen a lot these days. They shared the space happily for quite a while.


Then, later, Biggie ate some wet food. Which he never does any more. I had nearly stopped putting out two bowls because The Smalls just ate them both and he only really needs one. But, apparently, we're not there.


I have some people coming in this afternoon to get something notarized. They are a couple from the 5th floor. I'm not sure I know them. Her emails were kind of snotty so I think we will not be chums. I suspect it's wills/trusts or something because they need to bring two witnesses as well. 2 pm. I hope they are the sign and flee type.


Yesterday I had an order from Amazon scheduled. Generally, on Saturdays and Sundays we get lots of Amazon deliveries in this building. They pile up at the mail boxes and outside the manager's office. Yesterday, we got none. Zero. Not a single one. My own never even showed 'out for delivery'. So weird. I wonder if it was a February 29th thing. Like their apps did not know about leap year. Today I have several scheduled for delivery. Yesterday's now says 'out for delivery'. We shall see. None of it is anything I'm desperate for.


I slept long and hard last night. The cats helped. This morning it was daylight when I woke up at 7. So weird since I've woken up to night dark every single morning since August. But, it will be a while until that happens again since next Sunday is when we move morning to night here in the U.S.


There's Major League Soccer game scheduled for the stadium across the street today at noon. It's now 9:30 and the fans are in fine fettle already. I think it's the first game of the season.


I think I'll go get dressed and clean up the breakfast mess and get ready for the day. Baseball game, notary signing, knitting... the usge.

Ok so now The Smalls is on top and Biggie's plotting...

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