Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I Amazon Went to Amazon Go

For the past few weeks, on Friday nights, I spend way too much time planning where I'm going to go for breakfast on Saturday morning. Then, come Saturday morning, I' like... eh, I've got breakfast stuff here and I go nowhere. I should just do something else with my Friday nights. Today I had a plan... breakfast on Capital Hill, then Amazon Go Grocery, then Mud Bay (cat food).

I got 2 out of 3. I had a pop tart and a McDonald's sausage biscuit that was in the freezer (thank you, inventory) for breakfast and then headed out.

The Amazon Go Grocery is actually a nice, flat walk from the trolley station (and the trolley stop on this end is a block away) so cool. Also, the parking is easy and lovely and free for an hour. The store is nice and bright and full but small so the inventory is limited. They had 6 different kinds of eggs - white, brown, free range, virus free (yeah well, not really) but only large and medium. I like jumbo, thank you. No Pop Tarts.

And, since everything is weighted on the shelves, the shelves are exceedingly tidy. And very easy to find what they do have. The produce is pretty and they sell celery by the bunch and by the stalk. I approve.

You walk in and beep your phone and pick up whatever you want and put it in your bag and stop next to the coffee stand and put your parking ticket in the validator and then walk the hell right out of the store. It's just lovely. A really nice experience.

I sure wish they had more stuff. Pop Tarts.

Then I got cat food. Then I came home. And that's the story so far today.

Today's baseball game is on TV which will be nice.

Oh great. We got the first U.S. cornonavirus and now we have the first U.S. coronovirus death (two different people) here in Seattle. (Although the first guy was in a not-that-close suburb.) On the one hand, I'm a little miffed that now I can't be the first. But, on the other hand...

And while I'm on the topic, if, after I die, you hear anyone say that my smile lit up the room, do NOT believe it.

I'm working on a very fun sweater. This is what it looks like now.


This is what is will look like only not orange and not on that guy (who is the designer).

So that's really kind of the rest of my day.

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