Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Never Have I Ever

I have never been to Disneyland or Disney World or Disney anything. I have never seen any Star Wars or Star Trek movie or TV show. I have never jumped from an airplane. I have never eaten a Pop Tart.

This morning I ate my first Pap Tart. I was shocked at how delicious it was. Cinnamon.

I am losing money hand over fist with this stock market - I'm going to call it, temporary - dip. I'm kind of over it already. And I'm also done with this virus and it's fallout. This is one of those times when I am really dying of curiosity about what it will look like when we look back - from a year, five years, 10 years. If I don't catch that virus, and I don't lose all my money, maybe I'll be around to take that look. (And, I'm particularly enjoying the news reports that say you really won't die from the virus if you do get it... unless you are elderly and/or have underlying lung issues. Ca-Ching! 2 out of 2 here!)

Biggie and The Smalls are playing like feuding brothers. The Smalls sits and dangles his tail and Biggie grabs at it. Smalls then gets snippy and the chase is on. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

And, in other cat news. Biggie has officially given up even pretending he likes wet cat food. He loves his kibble. He loves his kibble tree. He's fond of dried chicken treats and he's really good about drinking water out of his fountain.

The Smalls won't touch a kibble or a treat of any kind. No way. No how. But, he'll tuck into his wet food 8 times a day. Basically anytime I'm in the kitchen plus any other time he feels like it. His favorite food is whatever he didn't have yesterday. And no pate. Big chunks are fine. Little chunks are fine. Smooth... not at all fine.

So at least they don't fight over food.

No plans for today. No place I want or need to go. I have plenty to eat - heck, there's the rest of the box of Pop Tarts! Oh and yesterday's delivery from Amazon? 3 of the 12 eggs made it intact. Yeah we probably won't be doing that again.

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