Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I just realized this morning that in less than two weeks I will be totally vindicated for never having set my car clock back to regular time last Fall. Sweet.

Also in just two weeks, Biggie and The Smalls will be 1 year old.

So far, there has been no eating of styofoam in this house today... that I know about. And The Smalls - aka Fragile Freddie - seems happy and well. Wonder how long this will last?

Today is house cleaner day. So while she is here cleaning up my mess, I will be out and about.

  • Amazon - return the t-shirts that were way too small
  • Goodwill - drop off my 3 bags full and, yeah, shop. I need a fun jar with a lid for Biggie's treats.
  • Uwjimaya* - tangerines and maybe crispy chicken from the Thai place for dinner?
  • Cash and Carry - Diet Dr. Pepper (they have the 16oz bottles I like)
  • gas - maybe

*There have been reports that the International District (just across the parking lot from here) is suffering. People are staying away in droves because of that stupid virus. So while I can get the tangerines elsewhere, they are best at Uwjimaya and I can show some Asian love.

Yesterday brought the announcement of a new car sharing deal. At one time we had 3 plus 3 bike sharing companies. Then we lost all the cars and all but one of the bikes. Now, it looks like we get a new car one. I signed up fast. It's quite handy to be able to pick up a car with seating for more than two or hauling space, drive it where you want to go and leave it or come back. I hope this one sticks.

Biggie chillin in the tree...

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