Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Biggie's Believe It Or Not

That damn cat found more styofoam! He threw up a couple of more times and I found it - tiny bits of black styrofoam.

In the back of the closet, on the top shelf, wrapped in fabric was one of those hard styrofoam rollers that you lay on to massage your back. And it had Biggie marks all over it. It is now behind a closet door in the storage unit on the terrace.

The good news is that The bits he's throwing up are very small and the roller had no large chunks missing. He continues to be perky. Right now he and The Smalls are out on the terrace watching, with great interest, the world go by.

Hopefully, he'll digest or throw up the rest of it if there is more.

I've never had a goat cat before. This damn cat will find and eat anything.

EDIT an hour later... now he's back to eating from his kibble tree again. Another crisis (and surgery) averted.
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