Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Everything here is under control so far today. So far, The Smalls is having a good day. So far, Biggie has not discovered any new styrofoam. So far, all is good.

I did not find the steamer to get the creases out of the new curtains. I remembered another place to check but, I think probably I gave it to Goodwill. I could use my regular iron and probably will. Those creases are really beginning to bug me.

The baseball game today begins at noon. Until Daylight Savings Time kicks in here (on the 8th), all games will be at noon. Then they switch to 1. It's a short term habit I need to adopt. By then end of March, Spring Training will be over and the games will mostly switch to evenings.

I'm running out of tangerines again. I need a supplier who delivers. A tangerine dealer. But, I only want the high priced spread and you can't trust those junkie dealers. Wednesday is housecleaner day so I can add Uwajimaya to my errand list - they have the best. Or walk over there before then.

That's about it for the excitement around here this week that I know about so far.

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