Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

lose, win, lose, win, win

I got some new undershorts not long ago that I love. They are soft and don't rub or scratch anywhere and weren't expensive. So I went back to that same company and ordered t-shirts (ones to wear under other shirts for warmth). They came today. I ordered a size larger than the undershorts size and they were two sizes too small. Back to Amazon. Sigh.

My printer ran out of black toner. I ordered some a while back. It's enormously expensive. This is a color laser printer. The original black toner lasted 5 months. The other 3 colors are at 40%. Changing the toner on my old printer was always a dicey deal and a couple of times failed. This turned out to be much easier and worked the first time. Whew.

The Mariners racked up their first loss of the season. The first of many, I'm sure. But it was so nice to have them back. I can get so much done with a baseball game in the background. I've never been one to have music on while I did stuff but gimme a baseball game and I'm Ms. Multi-task.

All seems ok in cat-ville. The toner cartridges were packed in the box with styrofoam endcaps. Guess who was all over that action like white on rice. The others are now stored in a box which is in a bag.

Time for the traditional Breakfast For Supper.

This looks like Biggie being a bully but, honestly, The Smalls asked for it and it was over as soon as the photo was snapped.


Edit later: I was in the kitchen making Breakfast for Dinner when I saw Biggie coming in from the bedroom with one of those styrofoam end caps in his mouth!! Seriously. That cat is trying to kill himself and me. All the end caps are now in covered trash cans. He cannot get into them.
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