Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The differences

I spent a lot of yesterday thinking about how I could describe to the vet that I knew The Smalls was poorly. Today I know the answers. Yesterday, he climbed into my arms and just lay there like a lump. Today he climbed into my arms and lay there but also played with the zipper pull on my robe and followed the noise of the birds outside and of Biggie inside. Small things for The Smalls.

Also the eating. One thing with The Smalls is his love of eating. When he's annoying the shit out of me, it's often his way of saying FEED ME!!!! Since Biggie feeds himself from the kibble tree, he never does this. But The Smalls needs me to open the cans. 80% of the time when he hears me in the kitchen, he comes running with the FEED ME!!! light on. Last night, even at dinner time, he wasn't interested. Today's he's interested, a lot.

And, of course, the night time shenanigans.

I know he's not as robust as Biggie and never will be but I just hope we get way more days like this instead of days like yesterday.

Also yesterday, it rained in Arizona. Lots. Really. And that rained killed my opening baseball game. Today, chances of playing look way better and it's on TV. So yeah.

In a Seattle subredit, this guy asked for help with the Seattle Library. He wanted the front page of the Seattle Times on the day his Mom was born here in 1960. You need a library card since he's not from here, he couldn't get one. So I offered. He sent the details and link just now. His Mom was born in 1960 so the result was great fun. It was a Sunday. That front page had more news on it than the entire paper today, I suspect. Those people knew what news was. Also it was a bitch to read because so many words! ha. I also captured a couple of the other pages with ads and prices and other news.

While I was there, I looked at March 28, 1949 - my own birthday. Turns out on the day I was born, liquor by the drink became legal in Seattle. I was in Brooklyn, NY at the time so I did not know. Also I was literally minutes old.

Fun project. Also great, creative, idea for a gift.
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