Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Free Wednesday

Today is a Wednesday when the house cleaner does not come so I do not have to go anywhere unless I want to. I even ordered lunch from Door Dash yesterday. I got Thai for dinner and they had fresh spring rolls on the menu, so I got a pair for lunch today.

I have a couple of house chores and a full garbage can which means a run down to the dumpsters but that's it for have to's.

The cats are resting up after an early morning kerfuffle at the other end of the house. I heard it going on but left them to it. The Smalls seems to be having yet another good day. So encouraging.

Biggie just liberated the feather off of Stickie 4 (or is it 5??? - I'm totally losing count).


The Smalls watched and, I think, snickered.


I got my free MLB.TV account yesterday. It does me precious little good during the regular season (all Mariner games are blacked out here) but I can use it to watch Mariner games from Spring Training and listen to the ones that are not on TV. The first game is Saturday!
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