Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Curtains and Cats

Turns out the closet curtains are a weird 75"x60" size. The designer who redid my condo in 2005 bought the originals. The now sad, tired originals.


I looked around at curtains and couldn't find any that I loved. And really couldn't find any that would fit. So I'd have to buy big and hem. Blech. Then I thought of sheets. Twin flat. Again none that did it for me. Then I thought of shower curtains and hit pay dirt. Then I discovered that there is such a thing as extra long shower curtains - some at 75"!

Then I found one that I love. It may totally overwhelm the room and make it feel claustrophobic and I will hate them but, bless Amazon, if that's the case, I'll just return them.

I love it when the cats adopt new haunts. This morning they both did. Biggie's never used that lower bunk and neither one of them has ever even noticed the basket that The Smalls is on. And yet, there they are, completely zzzzz'd. I can hear Biggie snoring.


Until I got up to go pee and then get a tangerine. They both had to get up and see what what was happening. Then The Smalls went to see if there was more breakfast left (there was). When I got back to the couch, I looked over and saw that Biggie had now claimed the basket. My turn, no, it's my turn, no, it's my turn...


Also a good size comparison.

Update: There was some conversation, no papers were signed but I believe there was a paw pump...

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