Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There are more birds outside than usual and both cats are on high alert. They are dividing their time between bird watching and cat fighting. And they are dividing their cat fighting between Biggie starting it and The Smalls staring it. They are in house entertainment if nothing else.

Every day I assume will be the last for The Smalls but he pretty much has said already that today ain't going to be the day.


Meanwhile Biggie has nearly grown out of the collar I made him last week! It seems like The Smalls eats way more than Biggie and yet Biggie is getting biggie-ier by the day while The Smalls is going the other direction.

I may have accidentally ordered more yarn yesterday.

Today will be more shopping. I want to replace the curtains in the bedroom. I have three closets in there and they all have curtains instead of doors. The ones hanging in there now are just old and tired and sad. I need new and fresh and bright replacements.

And probably there will be knitting. I have a couple of errands to do but none that have to be done today so likely I'll save them.
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