Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nice quiet weekend

Canceling my Sunday swims feels like a little 2 day vacation. Because, you know, retirement is tough and you need a vacation from it. Don't worry, this does not even make sense to me. But, while I love swimming - I woke up this morning and thought about going anyway - it does not look like the sun will be out this morning which is one of my main objections to Sundays - I do love a day stretching out totally uninterrupted by going anywhere. I don't even have to comb my hair if I don't want to. More than a day of this would be slovenly. So Saturdays are for getting stuff done and Sundays are for getting nothing done. The rest of the week is for ... yeah. Well.

While tomorrow is a holiday, the gym will be open so not a holiday for me which is fine. I will really be ready to swim tomorrow.

Last night I got barbecue ribs via Door Dash. The place had ribs and corn bread and coleslaw and potato salad. My favs. Sadly, the ribs were meh and the rest was not as good. I should know better. I love Seattle to death and there are some wonderful foods here but barbecue ain't one of them (I like smoked meat, not meat in sweet/sour/spicy sauce). And while there is no one rule of law for either coleslaw or potato salad, corn bread is easy and should not be fucked up. Live and learn. I do not have to order from them ever again.

Today I'll be trying out Yet Another Idea for a week of breakfasts. This one involves tater tots. In my mind, it is delicious. But, then a lot of things are delicious there.

I'll also be knitting and watching TV. It might be movie day except I'm kind of hooked on the Netflix version of Project Runway. It's fashion creation with very minimal interpersonal drama. The hosts are kind of obnoxious but otherwise it corrects all the things I hate about Project Runway. It's called Next in Fashion.
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