Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
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Miscellaneous stuff

Last night, I was listening to my latest audiobook. I was about half way into it when I just could not stand it any more. I'm picky about my books. There are way more good ones out there than I have life left to read. I refuse to waste any valuable reading time on shit I don't like.

This one centered around a medical examiner and was rife with gory details of dead people and I'm fine with that. But, when it turned into a bodice ripper romance complete with "perfect" rich guy, I could not bail fast enough.

I don't like romance novels or cozy mysteries or plots that hinge on the safety of children (I don't mind children as victims, I do mind lazy authors who justify adult behaviors on saving the innocent child/son/daughter). I don't like historical stuff or war novels. I'm not wild about spy stuff or overly macho protagonists.

Even with all those don'ts there are a lot of good books left out there so buh bye stupid medical examiner - FYI your perfect new boy friend is not perfect and probably deadly but, you don't care, I'm sure.

I did have another lined up and available at the library so I just started it immediately to try and rub some of the stink out of the one I killed. Worked.

Almost all of the novels I read these days are audiobooks. I listen for an hour or so at night before I go to sleep while I'm playing dumb match 3 games. I read non fiction on my Kindle.

I do love books but no longer even like the kind that have covers and take up shelf real estate. I have maybe 20 left in this house. 10 are things like an old yearbook, my grandfather's autobiography, a couple of coffee table books and then some old bridge (card came books) and a knitting book or two. Most of them will go to the Goodwill before the end of the year. I love the content, not the form.

Today is laundry day. The dirty clothes hamper just could take no more. Load 1 is in the dryer and load 2 is in the washer and load 3 is at the bottom of the hamper. I don't think we'll need a load 4.

Both of the cats were in here causing trouble a while ago but have now been missing ... I just got up to go find them and I did. The Smalls was on the floor of the closet that houses my mobility scooter and some hanging stuff. Biggie was across the room in the closet that houses my every day clothes. He was stretched out across several stacks of tops.

I rarely find them together when they go out on their own. They will nap together now once in a while but mostly when they are together now, it's to fight.

The real estate property tax bills for the county are out tomorrow. Last year mine was $5000 for the year. I'll be happy if it stays under $6000. This year I get to pay what will be about $2000 because I live near the waterfront and so get to pay a special tax but that won't be until the end of the year. It would be ever so cheaper to live somewhere else and there is absolutely no reason why I cannot.

Periodically, I peruse options and think about moving. One showstopper for me is weather. The median high temperature here is 60-65% (depending on where you look) and, honestly, I'm not willing to go over that. BUT even that is not a great indicator. Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago - all fall there or below but I know, from experience, that their summers are brutal. I don't want brutal. And then there is urban. I am not a country girl. I need asphalt and urban and an indoor swimming pool or two. So, except for the cheap, when you put together everything I want in a place to live, you get Seattle. And the beauty of that is, I don't have to pack up and move!

So, I'll pay the tax tomorrow and forget about it til this time next year.

Also I'll probably save grocery shopping until tomorrow and combine it with other errands so today will be a stay here in this house and enjoy it day. And laundry.
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