Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Putting it off

I am not usually a procrastinator. I'm almost always in the 'let's do it now and get it over with' camp. But, apparently, not today. It's time for my annual checkup at the doctor's. We have it down to a science. I generally don't do any of the tests, like mammograms, colonoscopy, cardiology stuff and my doctor is very gracious and understanding about honoring my wishes. So the exam is really just to touch base and make sure I'm alive for Medicare.

I do worry, annually, that my lab tests will tell him I have diabetes (and then he'll start wailing on my diet). And I dread the annual, you need to lose some weight talk (even more diet wailing). But, it's not like going to the dentist (which I will not do unless the other option is shoot myself and then I'll consider it).

I went online to make an appointment. I want it on Wednesday or Thursday and I want it 1st thing in the morning. Usually, those requirements give me a fair sized runway. But today, my first option was week after next. Too soon. I lost my let's do it now and get it over with-ness. So March 23rd it is.

Biggie is getting bigger every day and The Smalls is getting smaller. He (Smalls) was stretched out beside me at one point last night and it was like sleeping next to a skinny rope. I'll bet Biggie is leaning in on 12 pounds about now. At one point this morning, The Smalls was sitting on my typing arms when Biggie came up to sniff is butt. The Smalls reared around and snapped him good. They are clearly having some relationship issues.

Pitchers and catchers start working out at Sprint training camp today. The first game is a week from Saturday. My twitter feed is filling up with baseball info. I'm ready.

I have a couple of returns to drop off at Amazon so this means probably I'll pick up a sandwich for lunch on the way back. And that's really about it for Things That Need To Happen Today.

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