Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Slow Day

While generally this is never Action Central around here, this week seems particularly slow with today being the poster child for slow. I do not mind one bit but just an observation. I actually had several chores to do but I've actually done them all except pick up the cat toys and take the garbage down to the dumpster. Plenty of time for those two.

I had considered a Costco run today but then remembered I have to be out tomorrow anyway. It's house cleaner day. So I'll just combine Costco with Goodwill and do them tomorrow. Nothing critical on either list.

The cat toys are all over the house. Sometime between when I went to bed last night and this morning, there was an incident. The cat bed/toy box was up side down and the toys were everywhere. I righted the bed and Biggie slammed into it. That's him on left. Then he got distracted and The Smalls laid claim. That's him on the right.


I go back and forth about ordering cat food from Amazon and/or Chewy or buying it at the store. The price is pretty much the same. It is handier to have it delivered but the store has much better options for getting 6 or this and 6 of that or 1 or 2. Plus, the store people are so nice that it is just a joy to shop there. I'll probably keep going to the store until I get lazy.

I stumbled on two new HGTV shows that I'm enjoying - Unsellable Houses and Home Town. The first one is a pair of realtors - women, twins, who work out of Mill Creek (an almost too far to be a suburb of Seattle north of here). I really like this one a lot. Home Town is also good - at least it's different faces. I'm kind of over House Hunters and all its iterations and I really do not like the needy family shows. So it's fun to have two new ones that are in my wheel house.

I have my next Door Dash picked out but I think I'm going to have left over chicken tonight with left over pizza for lunch. And save the pick for another time.

Time now to get off my butt if only to take the garbage downstairs.

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