Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

One of these days I'm going to photo bomb you!

Why not today?


This is Karen's husband. I think his name is Michael. He's adorable. karen gave up on the pool because it was too cold but he still comes a couple of times a week.

I need a new make ahead breakfast plan. The hash brown cups were great for day one and two and good for day three but the hash browns started tasting like soggy sticks and finally, today, I just gave up and scrambled some eggs fresh with toast. Too much trouble for every day but good today.

I got out two eggs to scramble this morning and both of them had double yokes! That's got to be a sign of something. Usually I see a double yolk once a month or so.

Anyway, I have two new ideas to try and the ingredients for both on hand. I may actually do both and have a bake ahead breakfast bakeoff. I'll put some of both in the freezer to see how they do there.

And, pretty much, that is the plan for today. Oh and I need to change up my swimming playlist. It's getting old. So, yeah, big doins!

The cats are good and so far today seem their usual selves. It's another rainy day. We've had a particular wet winter here. I don't mind it one tiny bit but the folks in flood plains are having a rough go.
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