Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

drama drama

I ran into the partner of the ousted HOA president today and asked her if Sandy was Ok. She allowed as how she was but then went on to share that the drama since the election was getting intense and ridiculous. And includes the building manager (who is the original drama queen even when everything is fine and dandy). Apparently there are rumors flying around like birds in The Birds and trouble is a-brewing. Then the building manager, who I saw next, alluded to the same thing.

I got no details because I didn't ask because I don't want to know. That there is drama drama is enough info for me. I'm going to ostrich this sucker out myself. If you need my head, look in the sand.

I did go out to Grocery Outlet which is now not even opening until 11 and the parking lot has a giant dumpster in it. It was 10:30. I went to the bagel place and got a sandwich and came home.

Biggie is still on a tear. He's bound to crash here in a minute which will be just after he knocks down everything in the house. His latest game is a drawer in a shelf in the front hallway. It's one of those cloth/foldable drawers. I kept finding it on the floor and putting it back. Finally today, I figured out he gets behind it and knocks it out that way and then takes a seat in the space it had occupied. Oh Biggie.

I did consider my grocery/meal options while I was out and came home and ordered Door Dash for 5-5:30.Mongolian Beef from a new (to me) place. I hope it is delicious.
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