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Every morning I open up the laptop and check email, a handful of Twitter followers, a little Instagram, LJ, of course and then I check my finances. For many years I have used services that aggregate all my accounts and present me a total picture of all my financial assets - bank accounts, investments as well as everything I owe to anyone. Currently I'm using Tiller. Yesterday, having received all my income for the month, I paid off all the credit cards. (None had big balances, so not as dramatic as that might sound.)

This morning, my Tiller feed showed - in the liabilities column - exactly $0. Very cool to see. Not really true since there are pending charges out there on at least one card. But, still, I'll take it. I'm often close to this but never has everyone aligned together and the line on my spreadsheet of money I owe anyone and everyone comes to a total of $0. I will be enjoying that all day.

I will be remembering this day when, in 10 days time, the county will be wanting their annual real estate tax which for me is likely to be in the $6,000 or $7,000 range. At least I have it and won't have to borrow to pay it.

This morning, I swam but worked 4 laps (100 yards) of jogging into the mix. High knee jogging. It was pretty difficult but I did it and I'll likely do it again tomorrow.

amw is providing some fascinating detail about what it's like to live in China right now. Her journal entries are public and well worth checking out.

The Seattle Times was running a special a few months ago - dirt cheap for x months. I knew better but signed up anyway. And found nothing really worth even the cheap price. Now I am faced with canceling which is always a gynormous Pain In The Ass with The Seattle Times. I knew that and so it's my own fault but now, of course I am on indefinite hold but, fortunately, my call is very important to them.

I have 30 minutes left in my current book - Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano. I'm really interested to see how she wraps this story up. It's been a very excellent read/listen. I may just not wait until tonight (my normal book listening time) to find out.

Biggie is suffering from Restless Cat Syndrome. He's knocking down everything he can find. On the up side, he knocked over a box that has been tethered to my desk but now I no longer need there so I can go ahead and tidy up that whole section of desk. Thanks, Dude.

The Smalls is just after some snuggles. I caught this with the web cam on my laptop. He makes it difficult to type but he's still worth it.


I need some meal inspiration. There's a large Fred Meyers grocery that always gives me good ideas but it's way north of here and not handy at all. It is near Seattle Recreative where they sell donated creative stuff including yarn and knitting tools and fabric and all kinds of cool stuff that I do not need. So probably, I'll just pop into Grocery Outlet to see if they have anything left before they close in a couple of weeks. I'm so lazy.

Now Biggie can't decide what toy he wants... It's always something.

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