Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mr. Rogers DNR

I grew up before Mr. Rogers hit the airwaves and became a thing. I was a Howdy Doody, Pinky Lee, Romper Room kid. (My claim to fame in elementary school was that I went to the wedding of Miss Melissa on Romper Room. My Dad was her dad's boss.)

So I never was even invited to the Mr. Rogers cult. I do like Tom Hanks. And the other day I heard someone who's opinion I admire say that even though she was also too old to have been a Rogersarian, she enjoyed the movie a lot.

Today I watched It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Lemme just say that I do not feel compelled to love all Tom Hanks' movies. This one was not my cuppa. Oh well, at least I can mark it off my list.

I treated myself to a new bracelet that arrived today. It's a medic alert bracelet.


I've worn a silicone DNR bracelet for years but this is much nicer. Plus it looks more official. One the back it says NO Trach and Do Not Intubate. I have no delusions that anyone will actually check it (or my phone which also has that message on the front screen) or, if they do, comply with my wishes but, hey, my chances are better than if I did nothing.
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