Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Since the pool is no longer available on Saturdays, they have become my sleep in days and because they only happen once a week, they have been come little weekly treasures. And this morning it was glorious. I got up at 4 and fed the beasts and so they left me alone until I was ready to wake up for good. Nice guys.

Today is The Smalls' last day for pills. One more to go, actually. I don't think he gives a shit but I'll be glad not to have to have the twice daily battle.

One thing I plan to do today is make some more hash brown cup breakfasts. They have been particularly delicious this week. I got a different kind of has browns to try.

And that is the extent of my agenda for today. I spent a fair amount of time with my federal income tax return from last year. Turns out that while it is much more simple than in years past, it is still more than I want to deal with so... Gordon, my lovely CPA, whom I have never met even though you've been doing my taxes now for more than a decade... this bud's for you. Again. And, thank you.

The new condo home owners board has their first monthly meeting on Monday. I think I'm going to go just to get a feel for how the next year, at least, is going to go. At least they sent out the agenda ahead of time. Sandy's board had gotten pretty sloppy about that. Sometimes we got it and sometimes we didn't. Agenda looks pretty routine.

I feel kind of dull today. Uninspired and unmotivated. And, I'm perfectly cool with that. Maybe I'll go brush my teeth.
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