Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My phone situation is semi convoluted aka kinda complicated - especially for one person.

I have two phones. Each has their own number (SIM). But my main phone number* is a Google Voice number. (*This is the number I give out to people, the number I remember, the number I've had for 26 years.)

THEORETICALLY, any calls I make from these two phones or from my laptop all show the Google Voice number for caller ID. AND, anytime anyone calls that number it should ring on both phones and my computer. AND, anytime anyone leaves a voice mail for that number, it should come to email and be on both phones.

This works only some of the time. And rarely when I need it to.

The vet called today and nothing rang. I happened to glance at my primary phone and see that I had a missed call from Urban Animal. The voice mail landed on my secondary phone only. This is all not good.

Plus, I'm not wild about this particular vet. I called him back and he blathered blood chemicals to me ending with maybe liver problems but lets wait a month and test again. He did ask how The Smalls was doing and I reported that he's doing fine, which he is. He did not ask about Biggie which I thought was kind of rude since he treated him, too. But. whatever.

I'm annoyed by the phone thing. And I think that's bleeding into everything else.

On the up side. I did go to the Red Apple Market and got everything on my list except for Everything seasoning - ironic, yes? I bought the expensive tangerines. They are called Honey tangerines. I don't know if they are the same as the ones I got at Uwajimaya but I suspect they are. Regardless, they are good. I am happy. I bought a bunch.

Yesterday I fixed the new plaid top and wore it today. WAY better.


I washed all the dirty clothes in the house this morning. I think I'll go fold them and put them away, Biggie willing. Right now he's straddled across most of them.
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