Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So many options

I might sew a new swim suit today. Or I might check my fabric stash, select one and think about it and sew it another day. Or I might just put the whole thing off.

I might go back to Uwajimaya and get more tangerines today. Or I might go to the other market and get the rest of my list plus tangerines. Or I might wait until Sunday and go to Safeway after my swim.

I have a precut salad in the fridge that needs to be eaten but I'm just not feelin' salad. Maybe I'll get lunch at Uwajimaya or the other market or use what I have here which is pretty much cheese sandwich or peanut butter and jelly which is fine.

Dinner is so far a mystery. Depends on what happens with the other options.

Thrilling stuff, I tell ya.

The pool was full today - kind of weird for a Friday. But the swim was good. No swim tomorrow.

I do need to gather documents for the CPA to do my taxes. My brother has me nearly convinced to do it myself. I need to study last year's return and make sure I do not have enough for deductions and then decide. One thing I need to do is get my social security tax report. It came a few weeks ago and then disappeared. I cannot order up another one until tomorrow (according to their website). But also the forms from my investments won't be here until the end of February so no huge hurry anyway.

I do think I'll go get dressed.

Here is the January of Biggie and The Smalls...

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