Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cardio Supremacy

Of all old ladies, Fitbit says my cardio is excellent!! And Fitbit should know, right? Fit is their biz. Hahaha. I cannot imagine that anyone as over weight and sedentary as I am can be cardio fit but, hey, who am I to argue with a watch+phone app.


I will say that I do believe that using the kickboard is making a difference. My back feels better and stronger. I really don't enjoy the kickboard and having to haul it back and forth to the pool is annoying BUT, results so ok. Donna (the woman who jogs the pool) says I'm doing it right. I told her the other day that I thought the board was helping and for sure mixing up my routine was helping. Today she told me that she was thinking about adding some swimming to her jogging. I think it's very cool that we are serving as casual easy motivators for each other.

The cats are good. I still haven't heard from the vet about The Smalls' blood test. But they are both energetic this morning and engaged in their usual tomfoolery.

This morning I first plan to tackle that new tunic. I got the new sleeves and neck cut out. I thought about the best way to do it and I think I have a good plan.

Then it's errand time. I have some stuff to return to Amazon. And while I'm out and down that way, I think I'll pop into the bagel place and pick up one of their sandwiches for lunch.

That's the plan for today. I think it will work. My sweater is coming along...


So there will be work on that.

Time to get started.
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