Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

drive bys

I'm a card carrying carnivore with a side order of anything starchy. There are not a lot of plant-based things I like and even fewer that I like cooking. But the other problem is that even on a good day in the highest quality place, produce is iffy. I bought tangerines the other day. They were meh. I bought more today - same store (expensive quality produce) different kind. They are FABULOUS.

If I could know that lettuce or tangerines or cherry tomatoes would be just as good as they were last week, I'd buy more, I'd try more, I'd eat more... I never once have had to worry about the consistent quality of an oreo or shredded wheat. The oreos or shredded wheat taste exactly like the oreos and shredded wheat I bought last week, last month, last decade.

Just thought I'd mention that because I only bought two of these fucking fantastic tangerines and now I'm pissed that they are so good.

I found a nice, soft, substantial turquoise knit for the plaid. I was going to cut out the sleeves and collar but YouKnowWho was awake and looking to help me in any project. He's now disappeared. Maybe I could try giving it a go.

I changed some more passwords. I think I'm done now with all the critical sites/accounts. Hope so.
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