Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I'm being showered with good news here...

The nurse practitioner in my lung doctor's office is just the coolest ever. I do like the lung doctor but he's busy. Emily is available and just the nicest. Today she had on a navy sweater with black pencil pants (which worked better than it sounds) and nice classy looking flat shoes that were magenta! I wish I'd gotten a picture.

She takes so much time with me that I find myself thinking 'er, could we kind of wrap this up?'. She was all for the newer cheaper inhaler. It's a different delivery system, instead of two puffs of a mist, you suck on the gadget one time. She said she has had people complain that they get little granules that bug them. For half price, I can live with granules. She says it does the same thing as the one I'm taking now. She said to try it for a month and if fine, she'll change the prescription to the 90 day variety. My Costco account shows she's sent it in, I just have to hit the refill button when I'm ready.

She looked in all my face holes and listened to my lungs and declared me FINE!!! She did encourage me to take allergy pills or nose spray. She told me this last time and I did for a while and then stopped and don't remember why. So I'll start again now... I had the rest of last year's.

See ya next year!

The house cleaner got here late (good thing I wasn't here, I'd have been pissed) and when I finished at the doctor's, the web cams said she was still cleaning. So I dropped my Goodwill stuff off and then went to Uwajimaya and got eggs and a poke bowl for lunch.

When I got home, I discovered she - the housecleaner - had left me a wonderful sandwich which all of a sudden felt like a better lunch than poke! So I had a delicious lunch and now have dinner ready and waiting.

On the way home, I passed the hamburger place - Megs. Megs opened up last year and was so neat. Burgers, hot dogs, fries and shakes. It had wonderful, simple fun decor. Great hours and I wanted to love it so much. I tried and tried. But, the food just wasn't good. And now they are closed. But, as I rounded the corner, I got the neatest surprise.

When my brother was here, we found this great burger place not terribly far from here, called 2 Doors Down. Great burgers, good fries, FOUNTAIN ROOT BEER!!! Great people and overall just the nicest vibe.

2 Doors Down is opening its second location in Megs!!! 2 blocks from here. I'm so jazzed. This is just the best news.

My house is clean and my cats are exhausted. They are deep into their naps.

I'm wearing my new top. I love the look but the sleeve/neck fabric - the stuff I started to give away several times - is horrible. It looks okay but it's semi scratchy and not at all warm and just dumb fabric. Oh well. As I recall, I paid little to nothing for it. I am giving serious thought to cutting it off and reusing the plaid with a different/better fabric.

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