Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Being good is tedius

When I first started needing personal passwords, I was a season ticket holder for the minor league baseball team, the San Jose Giants. So I used giants as my password for everything everywhere for years. To this day, if I try to open a new account somewhere and am told that susandennis is already taken for a userid, I'll try logging in with giants as a password and 9 times out of 10 it works.

Then sites started getting all prissy about making me use more complicated passwords. And all along everybody said to not use the same password everywhere. I've used a password manager - Last Pass - forever but have continued to use and reuse the most simple password I can get away with and use it where ever I could. All the warnings about how life as we know it will end if I continue to do this, none has been more cutting than the loud obviously disapproving sigh that my brother gives me whenever the subject comes up.

But, still I persist. Until yesterday. Finally, I decided to change my ways. And today I started. I went to all my financial accounts and one, by one, changed the password to something totally unintelligible and unrememberable and never used anywhere else by me. Things like NnUBfk6M3dUZY@D ...

And what a PIA. But, now it's done. Next I will do major players like Google and Amazon and Instagram, etc. Now, watch me get hacked in the next two weeks. Sigh.

The sweetest sound in the world this morning is the sound of Biggie getting kibble out of his kibble tree. He and The Smalls are, right now, shopping in the toy bin.

Today is house cleaner day. I will be long gone to the doctor's office when she gets here. I have a bag of Goodwill donations after that. Then maybe Grocery Outlet. I still need eggs.

Now we have gone from the sweet sound of Biggie eating to the squalling sound of the two of them arguing about something. At least we don't have the silence of lethargy anymore!

King on the mountain...

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