Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And now he's back


Biggie is eating again... he had a little (normal for him) wet food this morning and then the went over to the kibble tree and dug some a fair amount out and ate it and then he stuck his nose into the bowl that had had my breakfast it in and licked and licked and licked it clean.

I think we can declare him cured. He's now draped across my arm. The Smalls is sitting on my knee with his paws on the table ignoring my "paws off the table" requests. In short they are back to driving me nuts.

Now The Smalls has climbed onto Biggie's back and I can only move my hand a little. Pictured by the laptop's webcam...


I just talked them into doing something, anything, else.

So, in other news... I just read that Brad Fitzpatrick has left Google. He was there for a long time. Brad is the father of Live Journal. Thank you, Brad. Hope you land somewhere fun.

Biggie is back at the kibble tree. I may have to add kibble! I generally add some a couple of times a day but haven't had to since maybe Friday. I'll be delighted to have to again.

My hash brown potato cups turned out ok. Scale of 1-10, I give 'em a 6. I mixed a couple of eggs into the raw has brown potatoes. (They got too wet, should have gone with 1 egg.) and then pressed them around the edges of muffin cups and cooked them for about a half hour. Then I put a little sausage and cheese in each one and topped that with scrambled eggs and topped that with more cheese. This morning I pulled one out of the fridge and nuked it for 60 seconds. It didn't look great but was actually pretty tasty.

I may try this again but next time, dryer potatoes to start. Cooked longer to get more crisp. Then, the rest is fine. Maybe. Or Maybe I'll try something else.

Yesterday, for most of my hour, I was the only one in the pool. Today it was packed to the gills. Wild.

My health insurance - Humana - loves loves loves to spend money sending me shit in snail mail. They have several websites and a couple of them require me to change my password nearly every time I log in. Every time you change your password on a Humana website, they send you a snail mail letter telling you that you did. Hilariously, the letter arrives about 3 weeks after the deed. AND my account is marked EMAIL only for all communications. (I finally had to give them fake phone number to avoid phone spam from them.)

Anywho... Today's 7 page snail letter says a new program has been added to my benefits. COPD Medication Management. It sounds like, from their vague wording, that it might save me a bundle on my COPD maintenance inhaler. If they mean the Spiriva which cost me $900 a year, I'm in. Nowhere in the 8 pages does it say how to get more info or how to enroll. No information on their website that I can find. Their telephone tree is the fucking Amazon forest. I would rather crawl over cut grass than call them. I sent a tweet asking for a link. If I get one, and if my Spiriva is included, yeah. But, why the fuck do they have to make it so difficult??

And, while I'm ranting, I just got the daily email from the post office telling me what will be in my box later today. I love this.

This is from the snooty high school I went to more than 50 years ago. I have never given them a dime and I never will. I never ever respond to any of their requests and never have. I have not been there since 1967. I wonder what will happen in 5 days????? The snotty girls finishing school mafia coming to take me out if I don't call? Stay tuned!

Guess I'd better use my 5 days wisely.

I feel like I will hear from the vet today about The Smalls' blood test. That could well end up in a trip back there. If not or if not hear, I'm not going anywhere. I finally got my sweater back to the spot where it was before I ripped it all out. So there will be knitting. And I have a shirt to make so there will be sewing. Plenty of busy.

I'm listening to the most interesting novel. Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano. My brother started listening to it and abandoned almost immediately. I have several good things in my queue so I figured I'd start listening, abandon and move on to the next (it's a library book with a long hold list and I only have 10 more days of it). BUT it grabbed me and now I'm hooked to the end.

In school (same snotty one mentioned above) we read The Bridge of San Luis Rey which was the backstories of each of the people who coincidentally were on that bridge when it collapsed and they were killed. I have always been fascinated by this concept. If an elevator hiccoughs, I look around at the others in there with me and conjure up their backstories - ditto other confined-ish situations. Dear Edward centers around the people on a plane when it crashes. Ann Napolitano knows how to tell a story.

Ok, I got The Smalls' pill into him. Now it's time to get dressed.
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