Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

good day but then...

Biggie is still not eating much at all. He picks up a kibble or two once in a while and he ate some wet food but not much. He's just not interested.

Otherwise, he seems fine. He comes over for snuggles. He even brought me Stickie a couple of times. He's clearly interested in what's happening and wanders around like normal. I just wish he would eat.

I cut out the fabric for a new shirt this morning and they were both overly helpful.

Here's the fabric(s). The plaid I found at Goodwill. It is unbelievably soft. The knit is a knit I have had on my shelves forever. Several times I considered add it to my Goodwill donation but now I'm glad I did not. It is the perfect compliment to the plaid. It will be the sleeves and the cowl neck. The plaid will be the front and back. The pattern will be the same one I used for the cats top but with tweaks.


I also made it to Costco, got gas and even got the car washed.

And I made breakfasts for the next week and a half - hash brown potato cups with scrambled eggs, cheese and sausage. I have zero idea what they will taste like nuked in the morning. Tomorrow I will know.

No more errant poop or throwing up. From anyone. So far. Fingers crossed. I got The Smalls' evening pill down him.

Biggie's been on the sofa here or in the blue chair for most of the afternoon. The Smalls has been sitting on my quilted vest that I flung onto the kitchen counter and then never put away because The Smalls was sitting on it.

But, just now I looked up and they were both gone. They were both in the bedroom. Biggie was sitting on the treadmill and The Smalls was sitting on the floor. In the dark.

But, I guess their meeting is over because now they are both back in here. Whatever.

This was them this morning, on duty.

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