Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cat news, of course...

No one threw up last night. And no one ate my face or tried to wake me up. The Smalls slept with me all night and Biggie hopped up to join us about 30 minutes before it was time to get up.

When I did get up, Biggie bounded out of bed. I don't think he's eaten much but he sure does not act like he's sick. I got all ready to go to the gym and as I stepped into the hallway, this is what greeted me.


I have never seen him do that before or even acknowledge that that scratching post was there. Geesh.

Now, as I'm here with breakfast, coffee and computer, he's come over for snuggles and attention. This was all of us, about 5 minutes ago.


Last night, before bed, I tried to give The Smalls his pill. It was nearly a fight to the death. And it went on for way too long. I went to sleep worrying about how I was going to get the next 12 pills into him. This morning, I got the pill and opened his mouth and put it in there, closed his mouth until he swallowed it. One try and success. Whew.

He (The Smalls) has a very healthy appetite. I have two bowls out and put wet food in both. I watched The Smalls finish his off this morning and then walk right over to Biggie's and finish it off. And he's the one losing weight.

I did find some squirty poop in on the bathroom carpet next to the litter box. I'm 99% sure it is from The Smalls. But, I do feel strangely calm and not stressed about them this morning. For no reason. It's kind of weird. I slept really good last night. Maybe that was it. My swim this morning was wonderful. I'm still using the kick board for 4 laps sprinkled into my 30. It's pleasantly mixed up my routine and speeds giving me a nice, easy, interval situation.

Oh! Biggie's eating a little!

This morning is a Costco morning. I need gas, my prescription refill and breathe right strips. I actually think that is all, though. I need eggs and/or english muffins. But I can pop into Grocery Outlet for those. I was thinking this morning about what/where I was going to 'pop into' when Grocery Outlet closes and then I remembered that the Safeway up from the pool is 24 hours. I can pop into there after my swim. I think I can do that if I'm quick without taking so long that I hit traffic. We'll just have to see.

Ok, tossed the bathroom carpet into the washing machine. Now I need to get dressed and get going on today!
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