Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A good sign... or at least a sign

Biggie and The Smalls slept all afternoon. The Smalls got up a couple of times to eat and then went back to sleep which is his MO. I've decided that unless something else happens, I'm going to hold off worry about him until the blood test results are in.

Biggie, woke up and moved around some a couple of times. One time he was sitting on the couch and all of a sudden leapt to the floor to catch some invisible something which he battled around the living room for a fair amount of time. He played a little with this toy and that (but not Sticking, interestingly). At one point he was on the kitchen counter near the food cabinet so I got out some treats which he ate like normal - ate 3 but didn't ask for more.

Then, finally, this evening, he went over to his tree and ate for a while. Not as long a while as usual but enough so that if he throws up again, there will be something to throw up. (My fear is that he'll throw up foam when I'm not here or do not hear and it will dissolve into the carpet before I discover it so I won't know he's still sick.)

So I'm a little bit optimistic.

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