Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


First off, my grid search was short. I had been looking in the bedroom and sewing room. Today I started in the living room and it was in the first drawer I opened... which is the drawer where it should have been and where I should have looked. As I get more tidy and more organized with less stuff, I will learn to look in the obvious place first.

But Echo Dot found and put back into action.

The vet sends the invoice and instructions after the visit in PDF. Which is great because a simple email search turns up all of their vet records to compare easily. Also great to confirm that I heard the vet correctly.

I had forgotten to ask but the PDF explained that the bloodwork results will be back in 3-5 days. Some blood tests they do are instant but the kind that The Smalls usually gets take some extra time.

Biggie is still just as perky as he can be but still won't eat. I even laid out a dish of his kibble so he doesn't have to work for it and nothing. He sniffs at it and walks on by. At least no more vomiting. If he starts again tomorrow (after the drugs wear off) then we'll go back for x-rays to see what the hell he swallowed this time.

I adopted these kitties knowing they were likely going to need special care and that would likely mean extra expenses. I am very grateful I can absorb the costs of their vet bills but I am totally NOT going to go back and see how much I've spent since I got them in July. They are such a joy to have that it has to be worth it.

The Smalls is now up and trying to get on this keyboard ... he printed out a bunch of pages the other day... so I should factor toner costs into how much he's cost me! Geesh.
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