Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Vet Report and then some

The Smalls is down from 7.3 pounds to 6.5. Biggie is up from 8.5 to 10.5. I thought there was a more distinct difference. I should weigh them both on my kitchen scale to get a level set for it so I can get an idea on my own going forward. But, I think I'll wait til later tonight or tomorrow. They are both a little traumatized.

The Smalls was kind enough to give us a nice mucus filled squirty poop while we were there. On point, that one. He has pills to take twice a day and got blood drawn (no results yet).

Biggie whose really living up to his name got fluids and and injection. They should kick in both in a couple of hours and hopefully he'll start eating. Right now he's actively watching for birds and/or whatever it is he monitors out the window.

They busted out of the carrier when we got home and are now wandering around casing the joint. They were both really not a fan of the whole experience. At all.

Turned out fine to get there right when they opened. It was a good 30 minutes until the next patient showed up. I'm glad I took them. And I'll be even gladder if The Smalls blood work comes back clean and Biggie starts to eat without throwing up. We shall see. Worth the donation of a swim.

In other news... today's job is to find the Echo Dot that I took out of rotation. I want to set it up in the front hallway near the door. I put it someplace. I have no clue where. It's grid search time. Start at one end of the house and look in every possible place until I get to the other end of the house or find it. This will also serve as a good way to fill up the Goodwill bin.

I keep my Google calendar on a tab always available. Every Sunday, I reposition to show 4 weeks. Today's reposition includes the day of the first baseball game of the year!! Spring training but I count that.

Biggie just hopped up here next to the laptop. I think he's forgiven me. I also think The Smalls is still considering whether or not to forgive.

At the vets, before they had their dignity stripped away, they discovered the chairs with slots in them were great fun. Biggie positioned himself on the floor and kept sticking his paw up through the slats where The Smalls could then play WhackaMole.

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