Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Swim canceled, Vet scheduled

Well, not really since my vet doesn't do appointments but still. I'm going to skip the swim and take both cats to the vets instead.

On Wednesday night, Biggie thew up the kickboard he had chewed. And then he was fine until last night when he threw up 3 times. No kickboard. This morning he is doing all the normal Biggie things except eating. He is drinking. But, these are the same early symptoms of last time when he needed surgery except perkier. No way he could have eaten any more kickboard and seems weird that it would take 4 days to get stuck...

Right now he's draped across my arms - as he often does.

The Smalls was acting weird on Friday night. Kind of drunk. Then he threw up but only a little foam. Since then he's been fine but... he'd never thrown up anything before. And he'll be along for the ride anyway.

The vet doesn't open til 9. I could swim, come home, get them and go back (the vet is past the pool) and on to the vet and I'm sure it would be fine except I'm sure the swim would not be fun. And I'd prefer getting to the vets when they open which probably isn't even smart. Oh well.

But now it's only 7:30. Makes no sense to leave for another hour.

I'm showered and dressed and coffeed and ready anyway.

He just got up to survey the situation... he's really not un-perky. And The Smalls is just napping his way through it all.

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