Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I win the Lazy Daze Award!

It's 3 pm and I have done very nearly nothing all day long. I've watched two Bon Apetite YouTubes - how to make gourmet jelly beans and how to make gourmet Twix.

I did make a quiche for lunch which was delicious.

I placed a Grub Hub order for dinner. I do like that Grub Hub lets you order ahead of time but man do they love adding on charges. Tax, delivery fee, service fee, and tip. $22 for bringing my food to me. Their service better be fucking impeccable or this will be a one and done lesson in why I don't use them.

Ok so after I typed out that last paragraph, I got all annoyed by those fees and went to DoorDash to see what their fees are. I would have used DoorDash to start with but I didn't want to wait until dinner time to place my order.

Well, guess what??? DoorDash now has ASAP or deliver later!!! And the exact same order (from the same restaurant) cost me $13 in fees and that's with a bigger tip than I had on the Grub Hub order... which I canceled. Wild. And win win win.

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting seattlejo for breakfast. I have not seen her in forever. It will be fun to catch up.

You know, it's no wonder I am fat. I have done absolutely nothing all day but sit on my ass and this report of my day is all about food! ha!!

Ok Cat report. They are asleep. Resting up for tonight, I suspect. They were actually pretty good - as in cuddled without keeping me awake. I'd like that to be a trend.

Biggie was just stretched out here a minute ago - he looked so long. I tried to measure him but, of course, he woke up enough to attack the tape measure.

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