Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Blue Chair Report

I had a moment of Biggie worry this morning but it dried up quickly. I think The Pool Noodle Scare of 2020 is behind us. He's fine. Whew.

That's The Smalls giving him a massage.


Last night, the Mariners event was fun. I do hope I live long enough to see them get a good team and actually give the rest of baseball a run for their money. But, it's not going to be this year or next year probably. It's ok. Anyone who is Mariner fan for the wins is someone who's been barking up the wrong tree for many years.

They had lots of great food and drink and fun things to do and see. A photo booth took your picture for baseball cards. It was green screen and the sleeves of my tunic got sucked in but it was fine and fun.


Then we ran into the Moose - who, by the way, is the best mascot in all sports. He's also the most hard working. "He" actually may be many different he's or he's and she's - I don't know, don't care. The result is great fun.

Plus, in person(moose?) he gives great hugs and doesn't talk so no annoying chit chat required.


The president of the Mariners came by and introduced himself. I was able to find out who the broadcasters would be for this year. The good news is that my favorite (Mike Blowers) will be back. The bad news is that the one I really cannot stand (Aaron Goldsmith) will be back. Oh well. That's why god gave me a mute button.

It was just a fun evening.

Frank's been talking about this YouTube series from Bon Appetite magazine for a while now. After the Mariner gig, he came over and we watched one of the episodes. Many good things... it was delightful, the episodes are about 30 minutes (a nice length for me) and there are bunches of them. It's a nice replacement for the Great British/American Baking Show. It's all set up now on my TV so I don't even need to cast it from somewhere else. Nice.

I really have nothing planned, nothing scheduled, nothing in mind to do today which is fine by me. I might go to Costco. I might go get a sandwich for lunch. I might not do either of those things. I do think, however, I will get dressed.
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