Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Biggie update - I think he's fine

He was by himself on the floor in the bedroom which he never does. BUT then I went in to pee and he followed me and hopped up on the toilet after so he could watch it flush. Which he often does.

Then The Smalls was demanding food so I spooned some out for him. And shortly Biggie hopped onto the counter for Me Too - he ate the cat food chicken which he normally doesn't even like.

Then he went to the blue chair and stretched out to take up all of it so The Smalls couldn't get on. But he did, of course, and now they are giving each other a bath.

He's fine. But damn him and styrafoam!

And, totally unrelated, I just noticed that the LJ Like button now has other options than just hearts. That's kinda cool. EDIT: Turns out it's on comments only. Which is still cool, I guess.

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